Free the Heel, Free the Mind – Fix the Heel, Fix the Problem

A book written by Joe Beer, 11/10/18

For anyone interested in improving their knowledge or technique in Telemark or Alpine skiing.

My "Free the Heel, Free the Mind – Fix the Heel, Fix the Problem" book is now out...otherwise know as “The Musings of a Cockney Snowsports Instructor”.

Who will find it useful and what’s in it?

Anyone from beginner to expert as the book is full of useful chapters that interlink. 

This book tries to convey in simple diagrams and/or language the things I have taught clients in lessons over the years and which they have remarked is explained differently to anything they have heard before. Find out why I’m known as Oxo Joe or Skeleton Bob.

In addition to the inevitable technical chapters I have included  topics such as:
  • How your other interests can help you improve your ski skills
  • Understanding and overcoming fear
  • Why we really teach and use snowplough
  • Why your equipment may be holding you back
  • Should we copy racers?
All of which have been cause for discussion with my clients during lesson time!

It’s taken me a lifetime of teaching (and learning) to gather this knowledge but it can be yours at the click of a button in the format of your choice: 
  • Downloadable PDF £4.52 +vat
  • ebook from £6.13 +vat
  • Softcover, the printed version is more expensive due to it being print on demand.

You can find the book in its many forms by visiting the Blurb website and searching in the Sports & Adventure section in the bookstore, or use the direct link here.

Treat your favourite ski or Telemark geek! This will make an ideal Christmas stocking filler!

Joe Beer is a Telemark and Alpine instructor and runs Alpine Learning Curves in Les Gets/Morzine.


Last updated: 13 February 2022