If you like Les Gets you will probably have taken loads of photos with your camera or phone.

There are 2 standards to define a ’good photo’ - the technical side of it and the subject of your photo. If you take a photo in Les Gets it’s bound to have at least the latter of these elements right, as it’s difficult to find something unattractive to snap around here!

Without getting too technical in this short article, I thought I would share a few simple tips on photo ‘composition’ that can really help improve the quality of your shots.

It’s usually a mistake to place the main subject - whether it’s a person, animal, bike or flower - in the middle of the frame.

  • Our brain scans a photo in a grid, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The 4 points where these lines meet are the strong points of your photo, so always try and position your subject on one of these points.
  • With the same horizontal lines, adopt the ‘rule of thirds’ by placing the horizon or skyline on the top or bottom line instead of in the centre of the picture.
  • Conversely, don’t ‘suffocate' your photo by having your subject positioned too close to the sides.
  • If you’re taking an action shot (of a skier or cyclist perhaps), pay attention to where they’re looking and going. Give them room on the photo to travel in that direction.

Like I said, these are just a few basic rules...but of course, rules are there to be broken! You may find that some photos just look better when the above principles aren't applied, so I guess these are more 'general guidelines' than 'rules.

Gio Fleming offers professional photography services in and around Les Gets. 

Photos: Gio Fleming

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